ToY Mandy

I am the 2018 Washington State Teacher of the Year, and a finalist for National Teacher of the Year. It still feels very strange to write that. It is an honor and a privilege to hold this position and this site is one of many steps toward owning my role and using it to elevate teacher and student voice.

I live and teach in Spokane, Washington. As an English language learning educator, I am the first teacher for refugee and immigrant students at Joel E. Ferris High School in the Newcomer Center. The Newcomer Center is a specialized English language development program for brand new immigrant and refugee students to our nation, who have limited English language proficiency.

My passion is making connections with my students and their families, and taking those connections out into the school and into the Spokane community. I strive to ensure my students feel welcome, wanted, and loved, and work to instill in them the belief that they are worthy of every success and happiness they dream of in life.

I urge all those I encounter to be fearless, to be kind, and to build relationships rather than fences. I hope this website helps in that endeavor. Join me in my journey toward fearlessness and hope.

Thanks for reading!


4 Comments on “About

  1. I saw a news report on “Teacher of the Year” and then looked up your website. I read “The Poverty Next Door” and read some of the other posts. I posted some quotes from the Poverty Next Door on my Facebook page because your article touched me. I live in New Mexico and have dealt with many Native Americans on the Mescalero Reservation so the story was close to home in many ways. Thank you for the work you are doing and thank you for making the sacrifices that I know an educator must make. I also posted your website address and encouraged people who read my post to look you up and to “Do Something”

    Keep up the awesome job. You are making a difference and so are your students.


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