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Serbia Day 2 – Šid

My first impressions of Serbia were that I had landed in a nation who, learning from their history, is committed to being open and welcoming. My second day confirmed those impressions. I had the pleasure of visiting the small town of Šid on the… Continue Reading “Serbia Day 2 – Šid”

Serbia and Being Welcoming – Day 1

Serbia is beautiful. It’s a small Slavic country with a rich and complicated history that has taken them to where they are now — open, welcoming, and always working to be better. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for six months. Now that… Continue Reading “Serbia and Being Welcoming – Day 1”

The Kids Aren’t All the Same

I can rely on one thing every time I visit a school, whether it’s here in Washington state, or in San Francisco, California, or in West Texas — consistency. In every school and every classroom, I always feel at home.  Most schools look and… Continue Reading “The Kids Aren’t All the Same”

A Good Start: Representation, Connections, and Mattering

I was gifted the opportunity to read Dr. Bettina Love’s forthcoming book, We Want to do More than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom, to be released in Feb. 2019. In the book, Dr. Love, an associate professor of Educational Theory… Continue Reading “A Good Start: Representation, Connections, and Mattering”

Impact vs Intent: “I’m sorry”

The evening before the National Teacher of the Year announcement on CBS, I travelled to New York City by train. A friend and I boarded and chose seats in the second to last car. It was a commuter train that ran several times a… Continue Reading “Impact vs Intent: “I’m sorry””

The Poverty Next Door…

Jenny Tenney, the ESD 105 Regional Teacher of the Year, took the day off from school to show me her school district – White Swan. We met in Yakima, because, she explained, White Swan is difficult to find. Even with the most detailed directions,… Continue Reading “The Poverty Next Door…”

Classroom Visits – Witnessing Greatness

On March 8th, I headed to the very small town of Darrington to visit Lynne Clarke, the 2018 Regional Teacher of the Year for the northwest part of our state in education service district 189. Darrington is a logging town of roughly 1400 residents.… Continue Reading “Classroom Visits – Witnessing Greatness”

A Community of Peers

Melissa Charette (Regional Teacher of the Year for the Olympia area) has created an environment unlike any other I’ve seen in a middle school, ever. I walked in early in the morning, after students were already settled into their first period classes. The hallways… Continue Reading “A Community of Peers”

My Support System

I’m flying home from Washington, D.C., after spending the last three days there for a Teacher of the Year event. This is the second leg of a three-leg flight and this particular part is extra long for state-to-state flying at 3 hours and 47… Continue Reading “My Support System”

Denisha Saucedo: Making Connections

After yet another school shooting, this one killing 17 of our young people, I already had a post written. I wrote it three months ago after a shooting at an elementary school in California. The week before that, there was a shooting at a… Continue Reading “Denisha Saucedo: Making Connections”